Toy Department

The Toy Department

So much variety!!
... from the big names like Lego, Playmobil and Sylvanian Families, to pocket money toys and toy cars and tractors,
...and from pre-school toys to action figures, dolls and dinosaurs... glove puppets and cuddly toys.


Come in and checkout our wonderful selection of Playmobil, order online or phone us to check availability. Not all items are online and if we have the item you want instore we can usually post it out to you.

Sylvanian Families

We have a loyalty scheme in store for regular buyers of Sylvanians and with sets ranging from large buildings to individual figures there is something to suit most pockets.

Construction Toys

Lego, Meccano, K'nex
Come and have a look at the great selection of Lego we have in the shop.

From basic sets to Movie franchise, and from Duplo ranges to Lego Technic

Cuddly Toys and Puppets

If you are looking for one of the popular TY Beanies or a traditional Teddy Bear why not check out our Toy Department?

Lions and Tigers, Dogs and Cats, Zebras and Giraffes, as well as farmyard animals and British Wildlife are represented in delightful glove puppets from the Puppet Company. While we do not always have all animals available please ask us if you have a particular one you are interested in.

Toy Vehicles, Cars and Tractors

Lots of different toy vehicles, suitable for children of all ages, range from tractors to buses and bin lorries. We have small scale Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars and larger scale Motorzone and Majorette vehicles. We also carry a range of exciting pull-back and friction toys which often include aircraft and taxis.

Pocket Money Toys

The ever popular Pocket Money Toys often include Creepy Crawlies, wind-ups, purses and stress balls,
swanee flutes and gliders.
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